About Us

E-Lead Source was founded back in November of 2013 by Kevin Connor and Courtney Jones.

The founders of E-Lead Source, have been at the forefront of many breakthrough marketing platforms over the last 25 years. Founding the first "Pay for Click" search engine and growing that company to a publicly traded entity with over a billion dollar market cap.  The founders have been responsible for creating a groundbreaking e-learning platform and producing sales training for the automotive industry, Disney, Buena Vista, Panasonic, Sony and the Blu-Ray consortium to name a few.

Over the years, they have been responsible for driving 100's of millions of dollars in revenue for their clients.

E-Lead Source is the next evolution of their technological prowess and uncanny sales and marketing capabilities.

In this day and age of marketing and sales, there is a profound need for multi-touch marketing systems. Single point communication and a lack of automation is the kiss of death in this highly competitive market place.

Currently, E-Lead Source has offices in Myrtle Beach, SC, Fort Meyers Florida and agency relations in Canada as well as an international staff of over 20 people. Sales representatives, management, support agents, software development engineers and marketing specialists.

This entire dedicated team of professionals now serve over 4,000 platform and marketing service businesses on a worldwide basis. 

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